Ed Butowsky explains everything about gold and your porfolio
Ed Butowsky 3 Comments

Ed Butowsky, top wealth manager in Dallas and managing partner of Chapwood Investment Management, discusses what you really need to know about buying Gold as an investment.



  1. I believe these ads target older investors that is based purely on their fear of the unknown. Gold and Silver are like owning a Treasure Chest and it is tangible. Here is a perfect example. Years ago my Mother had a Molar removed and it had a gold filling. My Mom, God bless her, asked the Dentist for the tooth just to save the gold filling.

  2. Ed – as usual you nailed it, the problem with the Gold Ads you discussed is there not regulated by anyone. The physical purchase of god is not regulated by the CFTC…Its like all of the reverse mortgage ads there pretty much scams to take advantage of the in educated….

  3. Good overview of gold markets. What about gold mining companies! Have you looked at Marlin, MLN.V ? Wexford owns 80%. It is in production and is developing a mine in Ariz. it has an interesting spin off potential of its royalty co.

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